Known as one of the most engaging forms of watersport in Bali (and around the world), Surfing is definitely frequently underestimated. Visually, riding a wave may look simple to anyone watching on shore, but in reality it takes a large amount of time and effort to master the required skills to be able to surf properly.

Surfing is a fun, yet challenging activity, that engages both the mind and the body. It’s a full-body workout that includes the works of what people seek when it comes to health and fitness. Simply paddling for waves and standing up on a board will be guaranteed benefit for cardiovascular fitness, along with strengthening your upper and lower body, while improving your core strength. The satisfaction alone of catching waves is an addicting experience.

The Physical

To make this clear, no matter what the photos/videos make you perceive, surfing consists of a majority of paddling. You’ll need to paddle to get into the lineup, paddle to get out of danger, and paddle to catch your wave. This is where your cardiovascular fitness comes in handy. Paddling for hours and hours is sure to boost your endurance and tone your body. The act of paddling targets your arms, shoulders, and back muscle.

Once you catch a wave, your body then shifts its focus onto balancing, which involves your entire body from head to toe. The key here, is your core muscles. Surfing targets these muscle required to properly execute maneuvers. Even the surfing basics, such as the pop-up, the turn, and positioning yourself on the board, all require a strong core to harmonize your entire body. The same applies to more advanced skills and maneuvers.

The Mental

As we may all know, regular exercise provides more than just physical benefits for your body. It has been frequently studied and documented that engaging in any form of exercise can relieve stressed and improve your mood drastically. Science points towards your brain’s boosted production of endorphins, your natural pain reliever. This is responsible for managing our levels of pain as well as emotion. And after an amazing surfing session (especially in Bali!) there is that feeling of euphoria, commonly known as the “stoke.”

As a physical activity, surfers have learned that being in the moment is a mental prerequisite of surfing. Being in the moment allows you to read waves and learn proper timing when it comes to your maneuvers. Most importantly, this mindset will allow you to enjoy the actual art of surfing as it occurs. Since waves are a product of nature (and not us humans) surfing will improve your patience and bring a sense of appreciation.

And of course, surfing brings people together. One of the best aspects of surfing is being a member of a community of like-minded individuals that gather in the lineup to enjoy riding the waves. Making new friends also has a lot of mental benefits like reducing stress – by giving you a sense of belonging, self-worth, and confidence. Surfers in Bali and Indonesia are some of the most easygoing and accepting people in the planet. We advise you bring a generous, respectful, and accepting attitude when it comes to surfing in Bali and you can expect to be repaid the same!


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