Many people grow up wanting to learn how to surf. Online videos of young, athletic people with their boards just riding waves was what probably persuaded them that they should be surfing too. Some of them, luckily, often have a few friends who already knew how to surf and could give them a crash course on surfing. In a sense, many people learn how to surf this way.

So this brings about the question:  Is it really necessary to go to a surf camp in Bali to learn how to surf?

Of course, this question really depends on whether you just want to learn “how to surf” or if you want to learn the surf “the right way.” Many surfers learned how to surf but not the right way. “The right way” means having proper posture, knowing how to pick the good waves, and learning all safety procedures and precautions a surfer has to undertake before heading out. Surfing is often compared to driving a car – many people never really took driving lessons from driving schools because they learned from their friends and family, but driving school drivers are more technically equipped and educated to drive safely.

In summary, a surf school, like Bali Monkey House – Surf Camp, is a place where one can learn how to surf properly and with correct surf etiquette. Surf schools are ideal for beginners who want to learn how to surf safely. Safe surfing in Bali is top priority at Bali Monkey House – Surf Camp.  

There are other benefits to learning to surf in Bali with us:

  • At our surf camp, you will be taught be experienced surf instructors who know ins and outs of surfing in Bali.
  • We will constantly motivate you to learn correctly
  • You will be provided all necessary equipment you need to learn how to surf
    Instructors at Bali Monkey House – Surf Camp will teach you various tips and tricks on how to be careful when surfing. This includes safe practices and other safety techniques that could potentially come in handy if you or your friends get into in trouble.
  • You will be learning in a social atmosphere and getting feedback from peers – which leads to faster retention of techniques. Not to mention all the fun activities we will be doing together!


So…should you?

Perhaps to some people, purchasing a surf camp package in Bali might seem like a bit of a chore, but its benefits really give it an edge. Some also think that surf schools and camps are only for kids and this simply isn’t true. It is common for many intermediate and even professional surfers that enroll at surf camps to become surfers.

Bali Monkey House – Surf Camp has fun and educated surf instructors. Our advice is to always sign up with a surf camp that has a great history of competence. No one wants to learn from people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

Bali Monkey House – Surf Camp is an accommodation and surf camp located in the heart of Canggu in Bali, Indonesia. It has been a home for travelers from all over the planet! From surfers eager to ride good waves to beginners hoping to catch their first one, to lovers of the local Balinese and Indonesian cuisines, or sporty people and explorers seeking to experience the nature of Bali. For information and details about your experience with us, please feel free to browse our website, especially our packages. If you have any inquiries, please use our contact page or email us at [email protected]

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