Much more than just stretching and touching your toes, Yoga is an ancient healing technique that’s been used for ages across many sports. The Team at Bali Monkey House – Surf Camp always encourages frequent practice of Yoga, especially if you are surfing.

Here are a few reasons why yoga will improve your surf life in Bali, and improve your life in general!

Range of Motion

Yoga helps to improve your range of motion in the water. Better, more effective range of motion means more time spent on waves, less soreness and less injuries. A better range of motion means improved agility and ability to sync your movements with the water.

Core Strength

Without a strong core section, your performance while surfing will be sub-par, and injuries can occur. By practicing yoga, you strengthen major muscles, and the ones involved in stabilization. When your secondary muscles get stronger, your entire body becomes better balanced. This results in better awareness of your body when surfing.


Yes! Yoga helps you sleep better. And high quality sleep gives you more energy in the water and faster body recovery and repair. Frequent yoga practice in combination with sufficient sleep provides a much calmer nervous system which leads to less stress – and of course results in making you surf better when you’re hitting the waves in Bali!

Tension in the muscles

Yoga practice assists in relaxing and releasing tension in the muscles. And who wouldn’t want to release tension? It helps your body relax and move with more fluidity and ease. Relaxed muscles gives space for a faster recovery time. And faster recovery time means more time spent having fun surfing in the water.


All the twisting and stretching of internal organs from Yoga poses, in combination with proper breathing techniques, gives room for the faster removal of toxins from the body. Frequent toxin removal means an efficient metabolism and an in-shape, lead body. When your metabolism is optimal, your body water is optimal. The better you will feel and the more time and energy you will have to surf. More time spent on the water will improve your surfing over time!

Yoga complements surfing perfectly in Bali. When you surf, you need to be focused and peaceful with yourself. Yoga is the best training before surfing in Bali, so come join us! Bali Monkey House – Surf Camp is an accommodation and surf camp located in the heart of Canggu in Bali, Indonesia. It has been a home for travelers from all over the planet! From surfers eager to ride good waves to beginners hoping to catch their first one, to lovers of the local Balinese and Indonesian cuisines, or sporty people and explorers seeking to experience the nature of Bali. For information and details about your experience with us, please feel free to browse our website, especially our packages. If you have any inquiries, please use our contact page or email us at [email protected]

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