The great outdoors is always the best place to be active, and surfing offers you some major physical benefits in sme of the most beautiful environments on the planet. The list of benefits can go on and on for pages but if you’re still not convinced that to grab a surfboard, we compiled some of the best reasons why you should learn surfing. Feel free to browse our packages and pick the ones that best suits you! Bali Monkey House Surf Camp has some of the best teachers and we ensure you’re having fun while learning!


This one is fairly obvious. Surfing utilizes nearly every part of the body. When you first head out to catch the Bali waves, it’s common to feel and discover muscles you were never aware of. Surfing helps toning of the muscles, strength, and is also an aerobic activity – which means that you’re working the heart and lungs! This is one those activities that really don’t feel like exercise; only afterwards do you realize it was a workout, and a very through one!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

The primary reason you don’t realize you’re exercise if because you’re enjoying yourself in the water. In combination with the water and sunshine, your experience will be so much more enjoyable. We do agree that surfing how to surf can be frustrating at times – like almost every other skills. Bali Monkey House Surf Camp’s teachers will work with you to understand your learning curves and ensure you’re having a great time. Frustration can be easily overpowered by that amazing feeling you get when you catch and ride a good wave, and that feeling of content after a great, fun surf session.

A great way to spend time with your family and friends

Learning to surf with family, friends, or loved ones is a fantastic experience for bonding and can bring you even closer together. When learning together, we will ensure you have a safe beach with friendly beginner waves. Especially involving younger children, this will eliminate much of the risk factors. It is important for you and your group to relax and focus on learning and enjoy yourselves.

An active vacation

Surfing is one of those activities that you can practice in different places all over the world and even all over Bali and Indonesia. Most of these surf spots are popular tourist destinations, and some are even off the beaten trail! The team at Bali Monkey House Surf Camp can organize your surf trips in Bali for you so you can enjoy a variety of environments while learning to surf on vacation.

Sense of Personal Achievement

Learning to surf is no walk in the park. Guaranteed there will be times where you will end up frustrated and overwhelmed, and you will think about giving it up. Surfing is a humbling experience to both your ego and your body. However if you are able to persevere and mentally and physically push yourself past this learning curve, you will be rewarded with an awesome sense of accomplishment. Remember, hard work and determination does pay off!

Mental Exercise

While you can learn to surf with others and enjoy their company, at the end of it all, it’s an individual sport. For some, surfing is like religion, therapy, or meditation. For others it’s an opportunity to do something totally outside of their comfort zone, conquer their fears, and tap into the power of their own minds.

Bali Monkey House – Surf Camp is an accommodation and surf camp located in the heart of Canggu in Bali, Indonesia. It has been a home for travelers from all over the planet! From surfers eager to ride good waves to beginners hoping to catch their first one, to lovers of the local Balinese and Indonesian cuisines, or sporty people and explorers seeking to experience the nature of Bali. For information and details about your experience with us, please feel free to browse our website, especially our packages. If you have any inquiries, please use our contact page or email us at [email protected]

We are excited for you to join the Monkey Family!

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