Bali, Indonesia is a perfect place for vacation or to expatriate – healthy and cheap food, kind people, beautiful beaches, and a lot of unique activities to do. Bali is the perfect compromise between nature and tourism. But the Island of the Gods is just as famous for its surf spots. The team at Bali Monkey House – Surf Camp picked some of our favorite places to surf.


Canggu is located in North Kuta, about 10km from Denpasar. Canggu has 3 major places to surf : Batu Bolong, Echo Beach and Berawa Beach. You can find a little bit of everything in Canggu. The black sand beaches’ have waves for beginners as well as surfing experts. Canggu is a good option if you want to avoid over crowded beach.

Our surf camp is based in Canggu, so you will have easy access to all these beaches when you stay with us at the Monkey House.

Green Bowl

The Bukit Peninsula is commonly named Green Bowl due to its bowl shaped ocean floor which is visible during low tide. The water reflects its green surroundings and is truly a sight to see. Green Bowl has consistent swells, as well as the strongest southern ocean currents that move out to sea in unpredictable directions, so it is strictly only for experienced surfers.


Uluwatu is a classic, famous not only for its top waves but also for its location and the overall experience of surfing with beautiful scenery and Bali’s unique temple landmark. Here, you can catch a wave while looking up at the ancient Hindu shrine in the stunning Uluwatu temple. But, those waves are for intermediate/expert surfers only.


Keramas is located in Blahbatu, in the south east of the island. It’s close to Bali Safari & Marine Park. Keramas is also the place where Billabong and Oakley host surfing competitions. The black sand beach is also a perfect spot for the sunset. Keramas is famous for its waves, some of the best in Bali.


Medewi is located in the west of the island, about 2 hours drive from Denpasar. It’s a little bit far but the biggest benefit of it is that Medewi is not crowded as every other spot in Bali. This rocky beach is famous for it long left hander waves. This peaceful spot is also good for a day trip.


Bali Monkey House – Surf Camp is an accommodation and surf camp located in the heart of Canggu in Bali, Indonesia. It has been a home for travelers from all over the planet! From surfers eager to ride good waves to beginners hoping to catch their first one, to lovers of the local Balinese and Indonesian cuisines, or sporty people and explorers seeking to experience the nature of Bali. For information and details about your experience with us, please feel free to browse our website, especially our packages. If you have any inquiries, please use our contact page or email us at [email protected]

We are excited for you to join the Monkey Family!


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